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Author's Name
(By first name, because I consider all these fabulous authors my friends)

Mechanized Masterpieces 2: Invested Charm by McKenna Gardner

Secrets and Doors Compilation 

Summer in Snow Valley 

Steel and Bone Anthology: Steel Inside by Gail B Williams

The Strange and Lovely Anthology: Dark to Dust by M Leigh Marrott
The Strange and Lovely Anthology: Broken Tales and Mermaid Wings by Stephanie Fowers
The Strange and Lovely Anthology: My Big Hairy Romance by Jennifer Bryce
The Strange and Lovely Anthology: Dark Night by Christine Fonseca
The Strange and Lovely Anthology: Mind Warp by Jenni James 
The Strange and Lovely Anthology: The Crazies Got Me by Rebecca Gage
The Strange and Lovely Anthology: School Spirit by Jennifer Griffith 
The Strange and Lovely Anthology: Huntress by Amber Argyle 

Summer Hearts (Cover Reveal)  
Summer Hearts
Summer Hearts: Dreaming in California by Debby Lee 
Summer Hearts: A Summer of Stars by Lisa Watson
Summer Hearts: Drowning Sandy by Sarah Daley  
Summer Hearts: Summer Holiday by Carol Malone 
Summer Hearts: Shark Boss by Kathy Bosman
Summer Hearts: The Best Place to Meet a Man by Robyn Echols 
The Toll of Another Bell: A Fantasy Anthology 

Alaina Stanford
-Archangel: The Echo of Her Presence
-Seven Year Rule
-Termination Rule 
-Termination Rule (Cover Reveal) 
-When Magic Fails
-Widows Rule
-Widows Rule (Blitz) 

Alisse Lee Goldenberg
-The Dybbuk's Mirror

Amanda Cabot
-Paper Roses (Review)

Amber Argyle
-Of Ice and Snow (Review)

Amy Price
-The Guilt-Free Guide Book  

Andrew Hess
-Campus Killer
-Campus Killer (Cover Reveal) 
-Campus Killer (Blitz)
-Scorned (Cover Reveal)

Angela Carling
-The Secret Keeper (Cover Reveal)

Anna Del C Dye
-Once Upon Two Kingdoms
-Emmerine's Nightmare

Ann Hunter
Ashley Chappell
-Of War and Taters

Ashley Nixon
-Cannon (Cover Reveal)
-Cutlass (Review)
-Cutlass (Blitz) 
-Flintlock (Blitz)
-Flintlock (Cover reveal) 
-Flintlock (Review) 
-Nacoma Knight (Cover reveal)

Ayr Bray
-Pemberley, Pompous Schemes 
-Pemberly, Cowardly Witness

Barbara Kloss
- Gaia's Secert

Barbara Monajem
-Lady of the Flames 

Ben Ireland

Bernadette Marie
-Walker Pride

Bobbi Carducci
-Confessions of an Imperfect Caregiver 

 B. R. Eddy

Brenda Kennedy
-Shattered Dreams

Brenda Novak
-The Heart of Christmas 
-When Lightning Strikes (Review)

Brian Beus
-Westley (Review)

Britney King
- Somewhere With You

Brynn Chapman
-The Violet Hour 

Calista Smith
-Breaking Down

Candy O'Donnell
-Finding Your Happiness
-Night Crawler
-Z-Radio (Cover Reveal) 

Caroline Giammanco
-Bank Notes

Cassie M Shiels
-The Royal Spy

Catherine Banks
-Princess Pirate 

Chantele Sedgwick
- Love, Lucas

Charlie Pulsipher
-The Crystal Bridge: The Lost Shards

Chelsea O'Neal
-A Spell Binding Christmas

Cheryl Carpinello
-Sons of the Sphinx

Christina OW
-Fatal Obsession

Christine Steendam
-Betrayed By the Ocean 

Cindy C Bennett 
-The End of Feeling

Cindy Roland Anderson
-An Unexpected Kiss

C. J. Anaya
-The Black Blossom
-The Black Blossom (Cover Reveal)

Claire Fullerton
-Dancing to An Irish Reel

Claudette Melanson
-Rising Tide

Collette Cameron
-Virtue and Valor

Cortney Pearson
-Phobic (Blitz)
-Such A Secret Place (Cover Reveal)
-Such A Secret Place (Blitz) 
-Such A Secret Place (Blog Tour)

Danielle Wicks
-November Sky 

D A Roach

Dave Eisenstark
-Bleeding Kansas

Debbie White
-Passport to Happiness (BLITZ)
-Passport to Happiness  
-The Pet Palace
-The Salty Dog
-Ties That Bind

Dee Krull
-Attack of the Warrior Queen (Book 4)
-Attack of the Warrior Queen (Book 4) (Cover Reveal) 

Deirdra Eden
-The Watchers: Hidden Fire 

Denise Moncrief 
 -Cross Examination
-Laurel Heights
-Memory Catcher (Cover Reveal)
-Memory Catcher (Blitz) 
-Victoria House 

Didi Lawson

Donna Hatch
-A Christmas Reunion
-The Stranger She Married
-The Suspects Daughter (Cover Reveal)
-The Suspects Daughter (Review)

Donna K Weaver
-A Change of Plans
-A Change of Plans (Audio Review) 

E. C. Jackson
-A Gateway to Hope
-A Gateway to Hope (Blitz) 

Elsa Winckler
-Touched to the Core

Ellison Blackburn
-Progeny (Cover Reveal)

Fern Michaels

Irish Winters

Jack Wolfson
-The Paleo Cardiologist

J. A. McLauchlan
-The Occasional Diamond Theif

James Darcey
-Ion 417 Raiju (Blitz)
-Ion 417 Raiju

James Duckett
-Pushing the Wall

James P Hanley
-An Ill Wind 
-An Ill Wind (Blitz)

James Pinard
-Land of the Living

Janet Jensen
-Gabriel's Daughters 
-Gabriel's Daughters (Cover Reveal) 

J C Brennan
-A Fine Line: The Ancients Part 2

J.D. Spero

Jennifer Bryce
-Haley's Song

Jennifer Griffith
- Big in Japan

Jennifer Ott
-Time Of Useful Consciousness 

Jennifer Redmile
-The Children of When: Florisia

Jessica Therrein

Joanne Kershaw

Joe Kipling
-Light the Way 

 John J. Hohn
- Breached
- Deadly Portfolio

Jonathon Harrow
-Joni, Underway

Jonathon Patrick

Joyce DiPastena
-A Candlelight Courting
-Loving Lucianna 
-The Lady and the Minstrel 

J Scott Savage
-Case File 13: Curse of the Monkey's Uncle (Cover Reveal) 
-Far World Series: Fire Keep
-Mysteries of Cove: Fires of Invention 
-Mysteries of Cove: Fires of Invention (Review)

Juli Caldwell

Julie L Casey
-How I Became A Teenage Survivalist 
-Defenders of Holt

Karlie Lucas
-Kas (Blitz)
-Kas (Cover Reveal)
-The Unknown Elf
-The Unknown Elf (Blitz) 
-The Unknown Elf (Blitz 2)
-The Unknown Elf (Cover Reveal)

Kate Palmer
-Lucky Midas 

Kate Stradling
-Tournament of Ruses (Review)

Katrina Sisowath
-The Doom of Undall

Kaylee Baldwin
-Six Days of Christmas

K. C. Held
-Holding Court 

Kelly Oram
-Joni, Underway
-Serial Hottie 
-The Avery Show Experiment

Kevin B Henry
-Amber Prelude 

Kristal McKerrington
-Marie's World

Laura Johnston
-Between Now and Never

Laura McNeill
-Center of Gravity
-Center of Gravity (Book Tour) 

Laura Walker
-Pierced By Love

Lillith Black
-The Sleepwalker Chronicles: The Awakening

Lisa J Hobman
-Reasons to Leave

Lisa Swinton
-Vocal Crush

Lola Carlyle
-12 Steps to Romance

Lora Deeprose
-The Enchanted One 

L.M. Heidle
-Taming the Whirlwind

Luccia Gray
-All Hallows at Eyre Hall

Lynn Parsons
- (dis)Abilities and the Gospel
- Plain and Simple Truths

Marc Secchia
-Dragon Friend

Marcia Colette

Marilee Jackson
-Midnight Runner 

Marsha Ward
-Gone For A Soldier

Marsha R West
-Second Act (Review)

Mary DeWeber
-Their Tangled Hearts

Mary Theriot
-The Nightmare Witch Saga
-The Nightmare Witch Saga (Cover Reveal) 

May Nicole Abby
-The Villain

Melynda Price
-Passing His Gaurd

Mia Hodell
-Not Enough

Michael Young
-Angels from their Realms of Story 

Michelle Diener
-Dark Horse

Mikey Brooks
-The Dream Makers
-The Dream Keeper (Audio Book Release)

Mindy Mymudes
-Tillie's Tale 

M.J. Kane
-Nobody's Business

M K Graff
-Trudy Genova Mysteries: Death Unscripted (Cover Reveal)
-Trudy Genova Mysteries: Death Unscripted
Monique Bucheger
-Simply West of Heaven
-West is Best 

Natalie Kawai
-Conversations With Mother Goddess (Blitz)
-Conversations With Mother Goddess

Natalie-Nicole Bates
-Forget Me Not Christmas 
-The Heart of the Hunter

Nichole Giles
-Water So Deep 
-Water So Deep (Blitz) 

Nicole Luchen
-Through Fire and Sea 

Nona J Moss
-Nikki's Heart 

Ophelia London

Pete Abela

Rachel Rossano
- Honor

Railyn Stone
-A Secret to Keep

Randy Lindsay
-Call To Arms, Nations Fall

Rebecca Fisher
-All the Wrong Places
-All the Wrong Places (Cover Reveal)

R. P. Dahlke
- A Dead Red Alibi 

R M Alexander
-Dark Crossings
-The Shadow Series (REVIEW)

R. M. Riddley
Blondes, Books, and Bourbon Anthology 

Robyn Echols
-The Fourteenth Quilt 

Russ Wallace
-Zenobia (Cover Reveal) 

Sara Barnard
-Old Amarillo

Sara Richardson
-No Better Man

Sarah Daley
-Drowning Sandy
-Drowning Sandy (Blitz) 

Shanna Hatfield
-Aundy (Review)
-Thimbles and Thistles

Shannon Guymon
-My One and Only

Sharon Ledwith
-The Last Timekeepers and the Arch of Atlantis

Shauna E. Black
-Out of the Past

Shelly Shepard Gray  
-A Wish on Gardenia Street

Sherri Wilson Johnson
-To Laugh Once More
-To Dance Once More

Sherry Gamon
-Not So Easy

S. K. Derban
-Uneven Exchange 

Susan Rush
-Just Over the Horizon

Tamie Dearen
-Alora: The Portal

Tara Mayoros
- Eight Birds for Christmas

Teresa Roman
-Back To Us 

Terry Montague

Theresa Lindon
-Chasing Liberty

Tina Peterson Scott
-My Sweet Danish Rose (BLITZ)
-My Sweet Danish Rose (BOOK TOUR) 

Victoria Danann

Victoria James
-Falling For Her Enemy

Wendy Knight
-The Gates of Atlantis: Banshee at the Gate

Wilhelmina Stolen
-Love Finds Its Way

Zina Abbott

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