Monday, January 19, 2015

Book Tour: My Big Hairy Romance (The Strange and Lovely Anthology) by Jennifer Bryce

Jennifer is at it again!!! I recently got to share with you her debut novel, Haley's Song, and now I get to feature her part in the Strange and Lovely Anthology, My Big Hairy Romance. Jennifer is a good friend of mine, and we used to be in the same writing group! I've even beta read one of her other manuscripts that I'm hoping will be published VERY VERY VERY SOON!!! She is a fabulous writer, so I hope you all grab your copy of this anthology today!!!

About The Author

Jennifer has a brain that is never quiet (even in her sleep), she uses writing as an escape to be and do anything she can create. Plotting is her favorite thing to do in her down time. Raised in southern Arizona, she was influenced by being raised a cop’s daughter (plenty of teenage angst material there), Mexican food, and the old West. She is a busy mother to three rambunctious boys, married to her amazing cowboy, a full-time nursing student, and desperately needs a long vacation. Her biggest fear in life is to be completely mediocre.

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The book blurb for My Big Hairy Romance

What is smelly, rocks the forest, and is hairy all over? Romance of course! They say love comes when you least expect it. Well Hannah didn’t expect to find it in the middle of the forest, and to top it all off falling hard for the preppy hunk Jake.

Now for a snippet to give you a taste of this awesomeness!!!

Whatever was in the concealment of the dark foliage followed Jake and Hannah step for step. Although she was a bit nervous about the creature in the forest a few feet away, she did her best to hide it. Grandpa always said that predators could smell fear and it was best not to run and give them a chase. So she did what Grandpa would do—she sang. But the only song that she could think of was “I’m All Out of Love”, because that was what Dad sang at the top of his lungs when he drove down the road because the Air Supply tape was permanently stuck into the deck of his old Chevy.

“Are you singing Air Supply?” Jake whispered.

“Yeah, I hear the big guy of the forest likes the oldies.”

That was enough incentive for Jake to join in and sing along.

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