Friday, May 30, 2014

Toe curling books

Have you ever read a book, so intense, so captivating, that your feet clench in anticipation? Yea, it sounds weird, I'm sure, to all of you who have never experienced it. 
Last night I read the first book in a box set called Breathtaking. The Book is called Baggage Claim by Amanda Tru, and it left me completely unable to go to bed until I had devoured the entire story. My toes curled, my teeth clenched, and I had to regularly bite my tongue to keep from waking my husband who slept completely unaware to the awesomeness that was playing like a movie inside my head. 
Visions of terrorists, high tech bombs, hilarious costumes, and the entire time a deep, mysterious, romance building. 
By the half way point of the book I knew the main characters would end up together. The question was just how they would over come his crazy issues. I've got to say Mrs Tru your ending was PERFECTION!
 I squealed like a little high schooler, and then clamped my hands over my mouth as my poor husband rolled over to make sure I wasn't being attacked by some homicidal killer in our home. Once he was satisfied that I was just being my own particular brand of crazy after midnight, when I needed to get up at 5am the next morning, he groaned and rolled back over. Muttering something about me being a nerd, and then proceeded to snore a little louder.
Yes, I like a lot of books, and I'm not incredibly picky with genres (accept for horror, no horror, EVER!) but rarely do I find a book so-o-o good it keeps me up long past the story is over, with my toes clenched. Seriously! It took my toddler getting up for a drink an hour later to get my mind of the story. Can't wait to dig into the next book of this series tonight!

Thursday, May 22, 2014


I will be joining some blog tours, and bring to you reviews and other info on some new super awesome-sauce books! EEEEK! I'm so excited! So stay tuned!
This is my attempt at honestly trying harder to blog more often! I found this awesome editing tip, that has helped me a lot lately as I work on the final edits of my book Ariella: Desert Bride.

Yes, its from a 4th grade teacher's blog, but is awesome! The difference between revise and edit