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Monster Mash Blitz: The Golden Hour by M K Graff

Marni Graff writes two award-winning mystery series: The Nora Tierney English Mysteries and The Trudy Genova Manhattan Mysteries. She teaches writing workshops and mentors the Writers Read program, and is Managing Editor of Bridle Path Press. 

Graff also writes the crime review blog Auntie M Writes,

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American writer Nora Tierney is house hunting in Oxford to solidify her little family that includes her almost-year old son, Sean, and her partner, Det. Insp. Declan Barnes. But why does she feel like she's being followed? 

When tracking devices confirm Nora has a stalker, it sets off a chain of events that connect to Declan's murder investigation of a young Oxford art restorer, and will bring bioterrorism and a psychopath into their lives, while Sean's hangs in the balance. The fourth Nora Tierney English mystery is the most tension-filled yet, a meditation on what is family and home, combined with art theft and an international conspiracy.

This is the fourth book in the series and while it can be read as a standalone it is so much more enjoyable if you read the series in order! So find the entire series below.

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Q&A With the Author:

1. When did you start writing, and was there a specific event or person who influenced you to become an author?
I've written since grade school, with two teachers in high school, Mrs. Smith and Mr. Royston, telling me I had a gift for writing and should pursue it.  I would have loved to show them my books but they are both gone. Agatha Christie, PD James and Colin Dexter were big influences in terms of writing mysteries, and Daphne Du Maurier has always been a favorite for creating suspense.

2. Are you currently working on a project, and if so, can you tell us anything about it? 
I'm currently writing the second Trudy Genova Manhattan Mystery. Trudy is a nurse who works for a NY movie studio as a medical consultant. It's titled Death of an Heiress, which is the name of the TV movie she's sent to. Her role is as the on set nurse, but in reality she's been sent there by the producers to watch over the star of the movie, who is hiding a pregnancy after several miscarriages--and suddenly disappears and a cast member is murdered soon after. The movie is being shot at The Dakota, a famed NY building that houses stars and millionaires--it was home of John Lennon before he died. In reality, The Dakota will not allow filming of any kind to protect it's residents' privacy, but in Trudy's world they do! 
3. What is your favorite writing snack? 
I usually have a large jug of iced green tea on my desk, and I'll snack on bits of fruit and the occasional Dutch pretzel! 

4.  If you could have dinner with any of your characters, which ones would you choose? Why? 
What food would you serve? Boy, that's a tough one! When I was writing THE GOLDEN HOUR, I had a great time creating and writing the villain, so I'd say Viktor Garanin. He's a wealthy Russian psychopath who has a devious plan to destroy the British, whom he hates beyond reasons. His mother was British, but his Russian father raised him to a certain ugly standard, while giving him polish, manners, and epicurean tastes. He wears bespoke suits and shoes and if you don’t see the dead light in his eyes, comes across at first as charming and attractive, a large man with huge tastes for food, wine, women and murder. I'd probably have to serve him chilled vodka, goulash, and blinis with caviar!  

5.  Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it? 
I always learn something about human nature when I write, and then through my research, I learn things specific to that novel. For instance, I learned what's in bloom in Russian gardens in early fall, and found that information by calling my NC Botanical Gardens. The head botanist would have looked up the answer to my question but instead put me in touch with one of their volunteers, who had lived outside Moscow for years! These little tidbits keep the fictional aspects of the book balanced to me, rooted in reality as they are. If I'd made up what was in bloom then, that same person reading my book would immediately know I'd gotten it wrong. So to allow for the height of reality, it's important to me that the majority of the fictional things happen within the storyline, not the setting. 

 6.  How do you relax, or what do you enjoy doing when you are not writing? 
It's so cliched to say I love reading, but I do! I read three books a week on average to keep up the reviews for my crime review blog, and it's always been my solace and greatest pleasure. Before Kindles, my luggage on vacations was half books! I still prefer to read a hard copy, but use the Kindle for trips and it's much easier. We also have a 10 mos old Australian Labradoodle names Seamus, and I enjoy playing outside with him. He loves to run after a flying Frisbee! 

 7.  What is your largest unfulfilled dream, and what are you doing to reach it? 
That's a tough one to answer. I've met and become friends with my writing hero, PD James, for 15 yrs before her death. I've studied at Oxford and attended St Hilda's Mystery and Crime Conference, and hope to return next summer for the third time. These were all things on my bucket list after "becoming a published author." It would be nice to have a wider presence in England where the series is set. There's a pivotal scene in THE GOLDEN HOUR where my gal Nora is doing a reading of her children's book at Bath bookshop, a real store I visited a few years ago and obtained permission from the owner to use in the book. He's selling THE GOLDEN HOUR right now, so one bookshop at time!  

8. What do you fear most? 
I lost a good friend from nursing school to drowning as she tried  to save her son who was caught in a riptide. The boy survived but my friend didn't. I'm not a strong swimmer and do go into our river, which is very shallow, but deep water tends to panic me to this day, 40 years later . . . 

  9.  What advice would you give someone who wants to write a book some day? 
First, read. It's the way you will learn best what makes a good story and draws other readers in. You'll learn from good writing and poor, so read everything and constantly. Second, learn yourself and your writing style. You can study conventions of a certain genre, grammar, plotting, etc, but to pull it all together, you need to find yourself as a writer and your voice. Some people write better in the morning but others in the afternoons (me) or evenings. Find your own place for comfort and carve out your own routine. Let your voice flow. Third, become part of a writing community. Writing alone facing that sea of white pages is daunting and lonely. It's good to be a part of a writing group, whether in person in your area or online, that allows you to share pages, get good critical feedback, and commiserate!

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Blizt: Pistols and Poplin a 5 Novella Compilation

USA Today bestselling author Kirsten Osbourne knows how to write romance. Each book is an experience that transplants the reader, indulging them in decadence, intense emotion and sweeping love.

Hailing from the state of Wisconsin, she has lived in Texas for over thirty years as a mother, writer, and wife. Married to the love of her life for more than fifteen years, she knows that true love exists and shares that vision with the world.

She writes contemporary and historical romance as well and also ventures into the realm of paranormal romance. She invites you to join her in her world of fantasy, love, and make believe, no matter the location, where there is always a happily ever after at the end.

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Amelia C. Adams is the author of twenty-five sweet Western romance novels, the mother of four children, and the eater of chocolate cake and tacos. Many tacos. Too many tacos to count. Because cheese. And meat. Meat and cheese.
She has hit the Amazon bestseller list three times and has the screenshots to prove it. Even though she’s only been publishing Westerns for two years, she plans to do it forever and ever, or until the cows come home, whichever happens first. She credits her own pioneer heritage for this new interest, and is glad that she doesn’t have to wear twelve petticoats to be considered modest. 

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Carra Copelin is an award winning and Amazon Best Selling Author in contemporary and historical romances but, unlike so many other authors, didn't write from childhood or read long into the night beneath the covers with a flashlight. She found romance novels as an adult. After reading about a million, she discovered numerous people residing in her head, all looking for a way onto the printed page.
She's a member of Romance Writers of America and Past President of Yellow Rose Romance Writers, plus she regularly contributes to romance blog, Smart Girls Read Romance. She is a member of The Daughters of the American Revolution and The Daughters of the Republic of Texas.

Carra and her hero live in North Central Texas, in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex where they enjoy family and their three beautiful grandchildren. In addition to writing and researching with her fabulous critique partners, she enjoys playing Bridge, working on crochet projects, and tracking down relatives through genealogy.    

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Peggy L Henderson is an award-winning, best-selling western historical and time travel romance author of the Yellowstone Romance Series, Second Chances Time Travel Romance Series, Teton Romance Trilogy, and the Blemished Brides and Wilderness Brides Western Historical Romance Series. When she’s not writing about Yellowstone, the Tetons, or the old west, she’s out hiking the trails, spending time with her family and pets, or catching up on much-needed sleep. She is happily married to her high school sweetheart. Along with her husband and two sons, she makes her home in Southern California. 

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A transplanted Scot, Margery now lives on a lake in Canada.

Although she grew up as far away from the old west as possible, she’s always had a love affair with the men and women who settled the untamed land west of the Mississippi. Glued to TV westerns like Maverick, Rawhide and Gunsmoke, and reading stories of Annie Oakley, Roy Rogers and Rin Tin Tin, it was only natural that when she started writing, she wrote what she loved to watch and read. When she’s not writing or travelling in search of the perfect setting for her next novel, you can usually find her wielding a pair of knitting needles or a pool cue.
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"Five brand-new sweet Western novellas by five of your favorite authors!

Mail Order Miller by Kirsten Osbourne

No one wants to employ Doris Miller, and no man is interested in her. Traveling two-thousand miles across country to marry a stranger may seem strange to some, but it’s the answer to her troubles.
Harvey Butler’s children are the scourge of the town of Salmon, Oregon. When one of the women of the town insists he needs a bride, he’s certain he could never find someone willing to marry him. When he receives a response from Doris Miller, he’s convinced it will be a marriage of convenience, and they will simply coexist. Will Doris be able to change his mind about his future?

The Risk and the Reward by Amelia C. Adams

Sybil James has worked her way up and is now employed as the ladies' maid for Lady Douglas, a wealthy woman of distinction. When Lady Douglas decides to travel to America to visit her son, she gives the girl a chance to see the world and experience things she could only dream about before.
Grant Douglas is enjoying his life as an American businessman, all the while knowing that he'll eventually return to England to run the family estate. Circumstances force his hand early and he must drop everything to set things to rights--one of those things being the stewardship of a lovely young ladies' maid who finds herself without a home.
Two very different worlds collide . . . two hearts must decide what it is they most want.

Emmeline: Bride of Arkansas by Carra Copelin
Emmeline Weidner was left at the altar by her intended. Seeking to heal her bruised feminine ego, she moves in with her sister. While learning to cope with her new life, she discovers she isn’t content to live the life of a spoiled society woman. Can she let go of her newfound independence when the right man comes along?
Lincoln Bass returns to Flat Rock Point, Arkansas a year after the accident that almost cost his life. His former employer has asked him for help at the lumber mill. He is apprehensive, but feels he owes the man who saved his life. Then he crosses paths with the most delectable, yet bewildering female he’s ever encountered.

In His Thoughts by Peggy L. Henderson

Assigned to a position in the newly formed Yellowstone National Park, life seems like it couldn't get any better for Ben Ferguson. But patrolling for poachers is fraught with danger, and he soon finds his future looking bleak. Images of a blue-eyed guardian angel are the only thing he has to pull him from the edge of death.

Crazy. Worthless. Demon-possessed. Clara Youngblood has been labeled many things by people who cannot understand the challenges she must confront every day within her own mind. When all seems dark, a glimmer of hope appears in the form of a retired soldier.

Ben and Clara wouldn't have chosen the circumstances that brought them together, but they soon discover their importance in rescuing each other.

The High Stakes Bride by Margery Scott

Chloe Taggart has one goal—to leave Rocky Ridge as soon as possible and see the world. She has no intention of ever being under a man’s thumb, and she has no desire to spend her life cooking and cleaning when she could be sailing the Pacific or touring ancient Greek ruins.

Even though Austin Hayward is content with his life on his ranch, it would be perfect if he had a wife to share it with. Unfortunately, there is only one woman he’s interested in marrying—Chloe Taggart. Chloe and Austin have known each other for years, but she’s never looked at him as anything more than a friend.

When Chloe’s father loses his diner to Austin in a poker game, Austin makes her a proposition—her father will get his diner back, and Austin will get Chloe."

Note: the formatting issues mentioned by some of the reviews have been corrected, and we apologize! :)

In His Thoughts by Peggy L. Henderson

5 facts about the author and/or book

1.   I am currently living in Yellowstone National Park.
2.   English is my second language. German is my first language.
3.   The heroes in all my books are left-handed.
4.   Not really a fun fact, but I suffer from anxiety and panic attack, like my heroine in In His Thoughts. This was a tough book for me to write.
5.   I wrote In His Thoughts on location in Yellowstone, where some of the scenes in the book take place.


Guilt washed over her as she listened to him. That familiar feeling of dread crept up inside her. Because of her uncle and her cousin, his dreams had been destroyed. He had no idea that she’d been to Yellowstone, or that her uncle had shot him, or that she’d been the one to remove the bullet from his leg and cut away his britches to put flour on his burns. If he found out, that warm look in his eyes would turn cold as ice for sure.
“Is something the matter?”
Clara blinked, her eyes focusing on the man who stood in front of her, his face inches from hers.
“I’m so sorry for what happened to you,” she whispered. “Your dreams shattered like that.”

Ben shook his head. He chuckled. “As much as I would have liked to remain a soldier for a while longer, it clearly wasn’t meant to be. Sometimes one thing leads to something much better.” He straightened, and squeezed her hand. His eyes darkened and the tone of his voice lowered to a sensual rumble. “I wouldn’t have met you.”

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Monster Mash Blitz: Chasing Shadows by Bernadette Marie

Bestselling Author Bernadette Marie is known for building families readers want to be part of. Her series The Keller Family has graced bestseller charts since its release in 2011. Since then she has authored and published over thirty books. The married mother of five sons promises romances with a Happily Ever After always…and says she can write it because she lives it.

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Someone has decided to become the moral compass for the women in town, and now they're turning up dead. It will be up to Detective Lacy Pratt to find their killer before her relationship with Declan Matthews, brother to one of the victims, marks her as a target.

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Q&A With the Author:

1.     When did you start writing, and was there a specific event or person who influenced you to become an author? 
I started writing when I was about 12/13. I had become a reader in 7th grade, and I was reading Sidney Sheldon. His style was easy for me to read. My English teacher had me submit a writing sample to the county because they requested one since I'd scored so high on the first one, and that gave me my first writing joy. After that I was hooked. I took Mr. Sheldon's short and choppy method of writing and began to write my own stories with my friends. Soon it became an obsession.
2.     Are you currently working on a project, and if so, can you tell us anything about it? 
I am actually working on 4 projects. My 7th Walker book should be out by the time of this event :) I'm working on a I'm working on a Romance with Paranormal Elements (I might have just made that up.) Tentatively titled The Tea Shop, it should release in late November. I've set the story where I live near Golden, Colorado, and the woman has premonitions which she tries to hide from people because it does start to make her sound crazy...or guilty.
3.     What is your favorite writing snack? 
I don't know that I snack as much as I drink. And I only drink water and coffee when I write.
4.     If you could have dinner with any of your characters, which ones would you choose? Why? What food would you serve? 
I would have dinner with Carlos and Madeline (from a Second Chance.) They are family people, and I think we would have a lot to talk about with growing kids. I suppose we would barbeque on the grill. Maybe I'd have steak, which I love.
5.     Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it? 
I learn something from every book I write. With Chasing Shadows I learned how to put a lot of observation into a book. It's a Romantic Suspense, so there need to be hidden details in everything, so that when it all pulls together, the reader can say, "Oh, I remember that."
6.     How do you relax, or what do you enjoy doing when you are not writing? 
Writing is relaxing to me, so this is always so hard to answer. I'm learning to close up shop at a reasonable time and sit on the couch and veg with my family. (Can you believe I have to actually think about it and plan it?)
7.     What is your largest unfulfilled dream, and what are you doing to reach it?
NYT's bestseller. I'm a dream chaser, so I've fulfilled so many of my dreams...but that one so far. I keep writing good books and hope that someday, one of them will get on that chart. Then I'll find a new dream.
8.     What do you fear most? 
Losing one of my kids. Just thinking about it makes me cry. But it is my biggest fear and it forces me to make sure that the last words they hear from me before they leave me each day is how much I love them.

9.     What advice would you give someone who wants to write a book some day? 
Get to writing! That book won't write itself. Don't stop once you start. Spit that story out and write until your done without editing. As authors we ruin more good stories by editing while we write.

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Monster Mash Blitz: Kate Empowered by Cindy M Hogan

"Cindy M. Hogan is a bestselling author of young adult suspense and action and adventure novels that always have a dash of clean romance. After her first series, The Watched Series, skyrocketed her to number one, she hasn’t let up and now has over 20 novels to her name.

She’s always on the move and never sits down to write, instead she walks and talks into a recorder and lets her computer transcribe her words. If she isn’t writing or editing, she’s teaching, gardening or doing crafts. You’ll always find her listening to an audiobook while working in her park-like yard, cooking or baking something delicious. She dreams to someday have a German style bakery with a cute to-go window for Gelato.

Cindy loves to create and her most prized creation is her two amazing daughters, and she secretly wishes they were teenagers again. She loves to be home, but her husband is a die-hard traveler and takes her family around the world. During her travels, she finds an endless supply of story ideas, characters and settings, walking away with either a suntan or jetlag.

Her contagious laughter is the cure to almost anything. To read a novel of hers is to see a piece of Cindy, as she puts her all into every novel she writes.

To stay up to date on all things Cindy M. Hogan, join her book group HERE.

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The Mafia has a stranglehold on everything Kate loves, and Kate is determined to end it. First they claimed her father, then destroyed her mother. The guy Kate cares for most is as much a prisoner as the family who raised her. And now, after all she’s lost, the Mafia wants to recruit her. But Kate has had enough. As long as the Mafia exists, she and her loved ones will live and die in fear, cowering under a dark, all-encompassing power. That leaves Kate with little choice. With the help of her Mafia-boss grandmother and a desperate wish for freedom, Kate must risk everyone she loves—and everything she is—to become the weapon that will take the Mafia down once and for all. If you like thought provoking, action-filled novels, you will love the latest action/adventure hit Kate Empowered by Cindy M. Hogan. Buy Kate Empowered to continue the addicting Code of Silence Series and enter the chilling and gripping world of the Mafia

~ Amazon CA

Q&A With the Author:

1.       When did you start writing, and was there a specific event or person who influenced you to become an author? 
Oh, my heck! I was minding my own business teaching when I had the most AWESOME dream! It was so vivid and clear and there was something about it that shifted my world. I knew the dream was important, but I didn't know exactly why. At first, I thought it was supposed to be a movie, but when no one could direct me to a movie producer, I decided just to write the dream down so that when I ran into a movie producer, I could give the idea to him. I started writing and bam! I couldn't stop. That was it, I was an author.

2.       Are you currently working on a project, and if so, can you tell us anything about it? 
Three actually. I just handed in the next Christy spy novel to my editor. I'm so excited about it. I'm still looking for a title...any ideas. It comes out in November. While that's with my editor, I'm working on Kate Empowered (Code of Silence Series #4) the exciting, fourth and final book staring Kate Hamilton and the mafia. I hope to have that out in January. Send me all the good vibes to make it happen. And finally, I'm working on my urban fantasy series. I'm so in love with this idea you guys. I've written 2 prequels and the first book (which I'm editing as soon as I get Kate Unleashed finished) So many ideas and so little time. I need to split myself into four.

3.       What is your favorite writing snack? 
pellet ice. But let's face it, there's nothing like a good piece of chocolate or bacon- lots of bacon

4.       If you could have dinner with any of your characters, which ones would you choose? Why? What food would you serve? 
Jeremy- he's hot and we would eat steak and potatoes, Belgian waffles with chocolate sticks cutting through them for dessert, or maybe a crepe from France-nutella and banana or strawberries and cream.

5.       Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
 I learned all the things. Hahaha. No, seriously, each book teaches me something else about myself. My first book, however, taught me that I could be tough- that I could face criticism with what it was meant to be-encouragement and thoughtful help. That those who gave the criticism were giving it to help me become the best author I could be.

6.       How do you relax, or what do you enjoy doing when you are not writing? 
I don't think I relax like normal people. I love to work. Hahahaha. My idea of fun is doing stuff like gardening, hiking, woodworking, cooking, baking--lots of baking.

7.       What is your largest unfulfilled dream, and what are you doing to reach it? 
Hmmm. Like, I'd love to own a German bakery, but I'm not doing anything to work toward it.  So, I'd say becoming a New York Times bestseller. I just made USA Today Bestseller List, so I'm one step closer. I'm writing like crazy and my agent is going to help me get there.

8.       What do you fear most?  
Not being good enough- Seriously, that would suck.

9. What advice would you give someone who wants to write a book some day? 
Oh, my goodness- there is so much to know. Go learn it all at writers' conferences. They will rock your world and you will make some of the best friends of your life.

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