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Book Tour: Attack of the Warrior Queen Book 4 by Dee Krull

Dee Krull is a retired clinical hypnotherapist. She has a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy, specializing in Medical Hypnosis for which she spent twenty-five years in private practice in Southern California. She and her late husband chad retired in Tucson, Arizona in 2005 where she explored art, music acting, and writing. She has three children in Southern California, one who sdoped her in Sparks, Nevada  and seven grandchildren.

“The Saga of a World Called Htrae” was insired by her late husband’s love of science fiction and her own inquisitive nature of “what ifs.” It is a combination of science fiction, fantasy and her own knowledge of hypnosis.

Dee Wrote the first book in Arizona. When she decided to place the beginning of her story in Arcata, California it rekindled her love of the Northwest where she now lives with her boyfriend, Bob, and their family of pets; where she is busy writing her next book in the series.
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"The fourth book in the series finds Laurel and Learden waging a deadly war with the aliens called priests.They are now using the portals to bring in another alien they call the 'tall ones' who communicate through their thoughts.
To make matters worse she finds that her mother's sister, once thought to be dead, is alive and well and is a master of dark magick. she would have Laurel as her slave and her army at her command if she could gain the upper hand.
In order to keep her from doing just that Laurel and Learden must separate so the 'dark witch' cannot use Learden to gain access to Laurel and her Guard. Apart they are devastated and must move on their own to combat the aliens.
Learden connects with his past and fights the aliens the only way he knows how, with his old crew and a few new ones as well.
Laurel and, Banrion, the giant white griffin, fight together from the sky while Learden fights on land and finds other ways to communicate with her. But when the aliens gain the upper hand Laurel is captured by a new faction of Elves and eventually finds new allies through them. They also help her search for Learden.
Meanwhile Learden is captured and escapes only to discover there is another danger to the planet and it's daoine, one that has been there before and they are more fearsome and evil than even the aliens who are preparing to bring them through the portals."

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Top Ten List
Ten of My Favorite Things

1. Music – I have been singing since I was little. Most recently I sang in a choir of seventy for seven years in Tucson, Arizona. We did two concerts a year Spring and Christmas.

2. Art – I am an artist myself since I was very young. My favorite things to paint are cats, big and domestic, and birds of all kinds, but I have recently been attracted to doorways and windows. My favorite mediums are oil and watercolor.

3. Animals – I have always loved animals. Right now we have two dogs, Sara (black lab); Toby (Boston Terrier) ; a cat, Gwynie (black long hair); five birds, Jigzie (dbl yellow head parrot), Pretty Boy and Pretty Girl (cockatiels, Pete (lovebird), and Blue Boy (parakeet). We also see deer, raccoon, and a variety of wild animals on our property.

4. Movies – I love movies of all kinds but action/adventure/fantasy/sci-fi are my favorites.

5. The Redwoods – I live amongst them. We have at least four on our seven acres of land.

6. Yoga – I have been practicing and teaching since my twentys.

7. Family – I have four children and seven grandchildren. They all live in Southern California and I see them as often as I can. I live in Northern California.

8. Writing – I love to write fiction and am chomping at the bit to start my next book which will be book five in the series. I love my characters and I can’t wait to see where they will lead me next.

9. Doing Craft Shows – I have been doing craft shows for some time now. I am a wire sculpter and I make jewelry with my craft, crochet, and sell my books at the shows we do. I love meeting the people at the shows and many of the other crafters are our friends. 

10. Creating Characters for my books – in the beginning I fashioned my characters after people I have known for a long time but eventually you run out of people and have to create your own. The names of my characters are all anagrams of my names.

From Chapter Three - Laurel
“Everyone touch hands when I say so.” We stopped at the bottom stair, “now,” I said quietly. We all disappeared and reappeared on top of the mound. Suddenly silence moved through the multitude like the fingers of a fog; creeping through trees, around tents and campfires. When stillness pervaded I held my hand up and everyone dropped to one knee.
I took a deep breath, feeling the immensity of the salutation before me; tears sprang to my eyes. So many with the confidence in me to lead them to victory. “Please Mother Goddess give me the strength and the power to go forward and do what must be done.” I felt Dena’s hand on my shoulder.
“You can do this, Laurel; the Goddess is in you right now. If you could only see your face you would know it too, you are glowing and your eyes are green crystals.” She said with emphasis.
I looked out over the Guard that I was the leader of, perusing the grounds where that same Guard had set up a camp complete with fighting arenas, nutrition tents, small villages where Humans were protected from the outside dangers, were making clothing, food from hunting, and a very large open area for the griffins and aircraft. There were children everywhere who were just as quiet as the adults. Finally I reached down and released my sword from its sheath, and holding my arm in the air I yelled, “HTRAEIANS, THIS IS OUR WORLD! IT IS TIME TO SEND THE ALIENS HOME! TIME TO LET THEM KNOW THAT THEY ARE NO LONGER WELCOME HERE!” With each phrase there was cheering and swords in the air. When they quieted again I lowered my sword and spoke slowly projecting my voice and choosing my words carefully as I spoke to their hearts. “It is time to get ready for our first offensive move on this continent. Our spies have told us that the aliens have set up a large base camp north of us. I was in the area when I was captured and taken to the high desert before Learden found me and I was released. A Hybrid named Kronus captured me with the intention of turning me over to the aliens. He has been spying for the aliens since the beginning and if captured would be a valuable prisoner. Do not kill him if you find him. Bring him to me and I will use him against the aliens.”
“Just after twilight tonight we will attack. By air, on the back of griffins and on the ground. When I am finished here you will begin to prepare for battle and I will brief your commanders and lieutenants. They will give you your orders and we will move out as soon as the new moons rise. We are in the new moons faze of Winter Solstice, a turning point of the year ahead. We will make the best of this as we set off to war against a malevolent foe.”
“The Witch Council will send magick with us that will devastate the aliens, confuse them and make them want to leave our planet for good. The new moons give us the cover of darkness so they will not see the griffins above them nor will they be aware of those of you on the ground. Do not be afraid of them, they are horrible creatures with the curse of a vile life on a vile planet called Hoth. LET US SEND THEM BACK THERE!” I shouted as I raised my sword once more. Shouts came from everyone and swords were raised by those who had them. I waited for the shouts to die down.
“May the Goddess keep us safe from harm and may the One that created us give us strength and courage to see this through.” When I raised my head I saw the entire Guard, once again, down on one knee before me. “Rise and go forth and prepare for battle.” Before I was able to leave there was a shout from one of the groups, “My queen, where is, Learden your mate and consort?”

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