Thursday, July 23, 2015

Book Tour: Death Unscripted by MK Graff

Trudy Genova has the best nursing job, working as an onset and script medical consultant for a Manhattan movie studio. No more uniforms, night shifts, or real emergencies. That is, until a soap opera actor Trudy has a tense relationship with dies suddenly while taping a hospital scene—but not before pointing his finger accusingly at Trudy.                                  
Detectives Ned O’Malley and Tony Borelli view Trudy as a suspect, and in an effort to prove them wrong, Trudy interferes with their investigation. Then a second actor dies, and Trudy realizes she’s put herself right into the path of a killer.

Bridle Path Press:

Marni Graff had a successful career as a registered nurse who wrote on the side before writing full time. She has a degree in English Lit and studied Gothic Mystery at Oxford University in England. She also wrote articles for Mystery Review magazine, where she interviewed many of the authors whose work she admired.
Marni is the award-winning author of The Nora Tierney Mysteries, set in England. The Blue Virgin introduces Nora, an American writer living in Oxford. The Green Remains and The Scarlet Wench trace Nora’s move to the Lake District where murder follows her.  In process is The Golden Hour, set in Bath, England. Premiering in the next few months will be Graff’s new Manhattan series, Death Unscripted, featuring nurse Trudy Genova, a medical consultant for a New York movie studio. This new series is based on Marni’s favorite nursing job in real life.
Marni is also co-author of Writing in a Changing World, a primer on writing groups and critique techniques. She writes crime book reviews at Auntie M Writes and is Managing Editor of Bridle Path Press, an author’s cooperative. A member of Sisters in Crime, Marni runs the NC Writers Read program in Belhaven which allows writers experience reading their work out loud and getting immediate feedback. 

Twitter: @GraffMarni

Character Casting
Author Marni Graff thinks that it would be fun to let you choose who you would cast if given the chance! So read the descriptions and let your imagination run!

Trudy Genova, RN
: petite, curvy 26 yr-old nurse who works as med consultant for a movie studio. Dirty blonde hair, feisty; from upstate NY. 

My pick: Isla Fisher!!! She may be more of a red-head, but she is as feisty as they come!

Meg Pitman
, her friend; Production Assistant at studio; slender blonde, brown doe’s eyes; sweet girl.

My pick: I can't for the life of me remember what this actress's name is, but I know she would be pretty good at this part!

Detective Ned O'Malley
: Lead on murder case; tall, well-dressed, gray eyes, privileged NY society family but good cop and nice guy.

My Pick: Anthony Quinn, because well, DUH! He is like the nicest cop-ish looking guy I know of!

Detective Tony Borelli
: shorter, stockier cop on first detective job; dark hair, olive eyes, large Italian family. Attracted to Meg.

My pick: Edmund Cahill, YUM!!! 

Great. Dueling egos today and on top of that, I had to work with Griff Kennedy, my least favorite actor. He’d come on to me a few times too many. The ladies man seemed to think any female should be happy to be groped by him. Several weeks ago I’d found myself alone in the rehearsal room with him after turning down yet another invitation for a drink after work. He’d had the temerity to fondle my breast as he tried to change my mind.
I’d shouted loud enough for the U-5’s outside the door to hear: “Hands off, slimeball!” That line, plus a knee in the right place, had stopped him in his tracks and he’d left the rehearsal room to a series of titters from those lounging outside.

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