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Book Tour: November Sky by Dannielle Wicks

November Sky (Hardest Mistakes #2)
by Dannielle Wicks
Release Date: 05/19/15
Limitless Publishing

Summary from Goodreads:

A heartbreaking loss.
A love that transcends mortality.
A struggle between holding on and letting go…
KRISTIAN REED is only seventeen years old when his girlfriend, JESSICA SCOTT, dies in a tragic accident. Devastated and burdened with guilt, he finds it impossible to move on.
Six years later, he’s not doing any better. He’s accepted a prestigious internship at a big city news station, but he’s still losing himself in alcohol and women to numb his pain.
Jessica might be dead, but she’s not gone—at least not anymore…
She is pulled from Purgatory, and thanks to the presence of a personal memento, Kristian can see and feel her. But how can the ghost of his first love expect to be a part of his future?
BAILEY NICHOLS is assertive and annoying, but something draws her and Kristian together. Her brother hates him, but Bailey is used to getting what she wants. She knows the pain of losing people you love, and she’s determined to break through Kristian’s emotional wall and prove they belong together.
Jessica is caught between worlds. She can’t let go of Kristian, but she’s not meant to be here, and her lingering is threatening everyone and everything around her as she begins to lose herself to the darkness.

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About the Author

Dannielle Wicks currently lives in the town of Kingaroy, Queensland in Australia. She is a TV show nerd and lover of cars. She’s always had a love for writing, even in school. She used to hide her writing notebook inside her textbooks just so the teacher wouldn’t notice what she was up to. She loves reading, especially paranormal romance. When she’s not writing or working, she competes in Speedway Sedan Racing across the state.

All of the books in the HARDEST MISTAKES series are based on a different main character, so you don't really need to read them in order, although all the characters link back to each other in some way...
(P.S. if you ever reference any of my books or myself on a social media site, be sure to use the ‪#‎HardestMistakes‬ hashtag or @DWicksAuthor)

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Book Playlist

Let Her Go – Jasmine Thompson
Until The End – Quitedrive
Ghost – Ella Henderson
Ever After – Marianas Trench
Uneven Odds – Sleeping At Last
Dead In The Water – Ellie Goulding
Sing It Out – Switchfoot
Latch – Kodaline
Ghost Lights – Woodkid
Forever and Always – Parachute
You and I – Paper Route
I Wont Give Up – Jason Mraz
The Memory – Mayday Parade
Not About Angels – Birdy
We Might Fall – Ryan Star
All Of Me – John Legend
Another Love – Tom Odell
Sunrise – Our Last Night
You Are Enough – Sleeping At Last

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I narrow my eyes. “Stop calling me that.”

“Never.” She laughs, doing her best to sound evil. The wet strands of her hair flop in front of her face. Without thinking, I reach out and brush them off her cheek. She goes completely still, her eyes wide as she gazes up at me.

I only just stop myself from backing away like a coward.

Before I can over-think it, I lean in and kiss her. She’s stunned at first, and then her lips come to life under mine. She’s so soft and warm. Her arms wrap around my neck, bringing her closer.

I pull away slowly, holding her bright blue gaze. I feel as if I can’t breathe, my hands are shaking. I don’t know what I was expecting, but that definitely wasn’t it. The kiss was short and quick, but it was different. I swallow and take a step back, turning my face away from her.


She presses her finger to my lips, silencing me.

“Don’t, Kristian. You’ll ruin it.” She watches me for a moment longer and then takes a slow step back before spinning around and dashing away into the dark rain.