Monday, November 2, 2015

Cover Reveal: Kingdom City: Revolt by Ben Ireland

I'm excited to host another of the fantastic authors working with one of my favorite publishers, Xchyler Publishing! 
Please help me give Ben Ireland a big congrats on the cover of Book 2 of his Kingdom City series, Revolt.
Here, let me introduce you to him first:

Author bio:

Ben churns out his prose from his home in Southeast Texas, where he lives with his wife and three children, and works in IT. When he isn’t writing, he’s either thinking about writing, or he’s driving his wife insane talking about his novel ideas. His work has appeared in two X-anthologies: “Kissed a Snake” in A Dash of Madness: a Thriller Anthology (July 2013), and “Fairykin” in Moments in Millennia: a Fantasy Anthology(January 2014). His first novel, Kingdom City: Resurrection was published in February 2014.

And now for his brand new book!!!

Isn't that the coolest!?!? 
It's not available for sale or even pre-order just yet, but I highly recommend you grab a hold of the first book in the Kingdom City series, Resurrection, because you are so going to want to be ready when this one is released! 

Grab your copy of Resurrection here:

And now, for fantastic BOOK TRAILER!!! 
Just in case this killer series hasn't grabbed your attention enough yet.