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Book Tour: Betrayed by the Ocean by Christine Steendam

Book blurb:

Sometimes you gotta get a little lost to be found.

Brant Foxton won the girl, gained a legitimate life, and created a family for himself. But when his happily-ever-after comes crashing down he turns to the only thing he knows to try and find himself: the ocean.

Cutting ties with everyone he ever cared about, Brant begins a journey that he hopes will bring him back to the path he once walked, only to become more lost than ever.

Now he must learn to trust again and look for hope outside of his beloved ocean or his life may just come to an abrupt close at the end of a noose

Author Bio:

Christine Steendam is the award-winning romance author of the Foremost Chronicles and the Ocean Series. She also flirts with sci-fi and comic book writing and is a yearly participant in NaNoWriMo.
Christine makes her home in Manitoba, Canada on a sprawling 15 acre ranch with her husband, two young sons, and a brood of animals including Guinness, her beloved chocolate quarter horse, Beau, her St Bernard/Golden Retriever cross, and a gaggle of barn kittens.

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Spain- 1671

Brant stared at Catherine, her words not quite sinking in. His ears buzzed as if they were in the aftershock of a cannon firing. “What do you mean you’re leaving?”

Catherine’s eyes welled up with tears. “I got a letter from my parents. They’re worried about the unrest between Spain and England and they want me to bring Johnny home. We leave tomorrow, and I won’t be coming back.”

Brant walked away, unable to look at Catherine. He looked out the window of the house he had built for her. It had been completed a month ago. She’d just moved in, and she had spent hundreds of doubloons on furnishing and decorating the house that was supposed to be their home.

He’d promised her the wedding she’d been asking for this coming spring. He’d given her everything she’d ever asked for, and now she was leaving.

“I don’t understand,” he said, still looking out the window. Unable to look at her tear streaked face—the sorrow that mocked him and his pain.

“This past year with you has been… an experience. We’ve been through a lot, and we’ve done our fair share of hurting each other—”
“And we moved past that, stronger than ever.”

“No, we forgave and tried to forget, but didn’t fix anything.”

“I gave up my life for you!”
“I know.”

“Everything you could ever ask for, it’s here.”

“Except you. I’ve ruined you, Brant. You’re living life half asleep.”

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