Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Book Tour: The Enchanted One by Lora Deeprose

I really enjoyed this book! From the beginning Author Lora Deeprose grabs your attention and forces you to feel for Lizzie, even as you want to scream at her and tell her that she deserves so much more than her dead beat, waste of space, husband. Abusive relationships always touch a nerve for me, not that I've ever experienced one for myself, more because I have this insane need for those I love to be happy, and such relationships only cause pain and sorrow. I love the fact that as we meet Gideon he is COMPLETELY not what I'd expected, and then instead of just being the straight forward, knight in shining armor type, the information that he knows, and doesn't share up front, kind of makes him a little shady. Like is this the same Gideon in the book blurb? What is going on here? I LOVE THAT! I love when an author can keep me guessing, and Lora did just that! A fantastic read that has you feeling like you should be able to shoot magic from your own body, and join right into the story. If you are cryer like me, you may need a tissue or two on occasion, but all in all I give this one 4 stars! 

Book Blurb:

“She wanted to live a normal life. He wanted to end it.”

Orphaned at birth and raised in a cloistered convent, Lizzie Chambers knows nothing of her parentage; even her name comes from the pages of a book.  When she is forced to leave the convent, she soon finds out life is nothing like her cherished Austen novels. Trapped in an unhappy marriage and questioning her own sanity, her only solace is her beloved flower shop, Enchanted Garden.
When her husband is killed and her store burns down, both under suspicious circumstances, Lizzie finds herself fleeing a demon she has no clue how to stop or even why it has targeted her in the first place.
But Gideon York knows. As a member of the Order of the Triple Goddess he is charged with protecting Lizzie and others like her from the dark forces seeking to destroy these rare and powerful women.
When their growing attraction tempts Gideon to break his sacred vow and Lizzie's own powers threaten her new found family in the Order, she can no longer deny her destiny.  To protect the people she loves, Lizzie must find the courage to face the demon alone and risk the ultimate sacrifice . . .  her life.

Author Bio:

“As a small child I dreamed of growing up to be a chestnut mare. I was terribly disappointed when I found out people couldn’t magically transform into animals but I got over it by immersing myself in the world of fairy tales and thus began my lifelong passion for reading and make-believe.”
Lora was born in the small town of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta; the middle child of five girls.  In 2006, she and her eldest sister moved to a hobby farm in the remote Kootenay area of British Columbia and for five years had several country adventures which included raising chickens and goats, encounters with wildlife and wrangling the neighbour’s horses. Currently she lives in BC’s Fraser Valley in a household of women spanning two generations of family with a collection of cats and a teacup Chihuahua affectionately known as Mexican Kitty.
Connect with Lora:
Twitter: @LoraDeeprose

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I LOVE featuring the author's main character casting on my blog posts! And Author Lora Deeprose did NOT disappoint. Check this out!


Evangeline Lilly

Alden Ehrenreich

Cate Blanchett

Jennifer Lawrence

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