Saturday, October 6, 2018

Book Tour: The MaxBrides- Hannah and Ash (Book 2) by JL Petersen

Hannah was proud to be part of the MacBride clan. She loved her family, their land and her lavender. 

When she found a love she'd wished for all her life on a trip to Paris she thought she had it all. But hidden circumstances separated them leaving her back home with an unexpected reminder of her brief love affair. 

When Ash shows up on their ranch she is torn between wanting to share all her joy with him and afraid to trust him to love her, not just their child.

J.L. Petersen lives in Denver with her husband.

She finds inspiration in her adopted state of Colorado and her belief love is the most powerful, positive emotion we can experience.

Confused for a moment about where she was, it slowly started coming back to her. Good god, she had fainted. She’d never fainted before in her life. 
Today was her brother Clay, and new sister-in-law, Sandy’s wedding and it was being held in the backyard of the main homestead on the family ranch. Frowning, she tried to remember more.  She remembered helping Sandy get ready along with her sister Sarah and Sandy’s sister, RJ. They’d joked about RJ and Hannah’s other brother, Logan, having gotten engaged the night before.
Then it came to her. Ash. He was here. At the wedding. She remembered the feeling of being watched as she stood up front during the ceremony and scanned the crowd. When her eyes found his she’d panicked. Which is why she had escaped to this private area after the ceremony had ended. How had he found her? Oh, my god! He couldn’t know of the baby. The one they created on their single night together. The one she hadn’t even told her family about. Oh, god, please make him go away, she pleaded.

Author Top Ten's List:

1.     No, the men in the stories are not fashioned after any men in my life. They all asked me about that :)
2.     I love movies from the 30s, 40s and 50s.
3.     Rereading a favorite book is like watching a favorite movie or TV show again.
4.     I love the mountains in the spring and summer. Not a skier. I know I would hit the tree :)
5.     I enjoy hosting and entertaining our friends and family.
6.     I can stay up all night reading a good book and pretend I'm not exhausted the next day.
7.     Love road trips with girlfriends.
8.     My husband actually knows what book I'm working on including what series it belongs to hahaha

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