Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Book Tou: Raven’s Eye by Adam Gowans

Adam Gowans is the youngest of five Air Force brats, out of which his siblings have voted him the weirdest. He loves anything that deals with stories, including movies, novels, television dramas, music, video games, manga/manhwa, and webtoons.

In his mid-twenties, he lived and taught English in South Korea for four years before returning to the States to live, like many LDS authors, in Utah.

His first novel is On Angelic Wings, which has a planned sequel, but the sequel will be released after two other novels that are calling for his attention.

Ever since magic caused his mother's death, Ha-Neul, crown prince of Balhae, hates witches and the magic they wield. He has instituted harsh laws against all magic users.

Lisa is a young witch working undercover as a servant in his palace, hoping to gain freedom for her people. The last thing the two expect is to fall in love. But when Ha-Neul learns that Lisa is not only a witch, but the daughter of the Prince of Vires, land of witches, he banishes her. Distracted by heartbreak, he is caught off-guard by a military coup.

In hiding and on the run, Ha-Neul swallows his pride and travels with his siblings to Vires, planning to beg Lisa's aid, only to learn that she has mysteriously vanished.

Now his only hope in reclaiming his kingdom and reuniting with Lisa lies in the remote Northern Mountains, a country no one has ever penetrated and rumored home of a powerful magic source. There, Ha-Neul learns that a being powerful beyond comprehension has been carefully guiding his destiny. But if Ha-Neul can't let go of his hatred of all things magic, and accept the new path offered to him, it will mean the destruction of his entire world.

Snippet 1

“A servant is still a servant, no matter what title you give them.” Ha-
Na’s shock turned to bewilderment, but Lisa kept talking. “Unless I am
honorably dismissed, fired, or retired, my chance for earning a higher
education is now over. I had plans, Gongju.”
Ha-Na’s posture fell with guilt as the weight of Lisa’s words hit her. By
making Lisa a nain, a possible bride to the wangsil, Ha-Na had tied her to the
palace. “I didn’t know.”
“You didn’t bother to find out.”


Snippet 2

She glanced at Ha-Neul, feeling pressured to say something decent. “I
guess we don’t hate each other anymore.”
Su gave an exasperated sigh. “So stubborn.”
They finished their game and made their way back into the palace.
“Su, you have a lesson,” Ha-Na said. “I’ll take you.”
He took his sister’s hand and they left.
“‘I guess we don’t hate each other anymore.’” Ha-Neul mimicked her.
She groaned in annoyance. “Well, I guess I do not hate you anymore.”
Ha-Neul let out a short laugh to show his disbelief.
“What about you, Wangseja-Mama?”
He shook his head. “I don’t hate you. There’s no guessing about it.”
She turned her head away, feeling embarrassed and strangely warm. “I
do not hate you either.”

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