Thursday, April 30, 2015

Posh products review #1

When my friend, the gorgeous Desiree Pineda signed up to be an Independent Consultant at Perfectly Posh, I was instantly intrigued. Never having heard of this company, I had to check it out. After kinda hanging in the background during a party, the opportunity to be a product tester came up and I JUMPED on that! A few days later, I got my first package! Check out what I got! The little circle containters of product are about quarter sized, and sadly, that beautiful card that says Seas the Day came with a totally drool worthy square of the sweetest soap! Sadly, my monster child dissolved it before I got to use it. *sniffle, sniffle* I can say it smelled, truly AMAZING! But unfortunately, that's about it.
I'm always a sucker for a mask. My mom and I used to do all kinds of different masks, and I still have a soft spot for them today. According to the super cute card that came with my sample, this is a sea-rich mask to nourish face and neck.
The card also says "What does it do? Algae to preserve youthful skin and kelp to nourish and clean, and aid in the prevention of free-radical damage."
I gave this a try, and after 5 minutes of having a light coating, my face was slightly tingly. There is actually a warning that says the first couple of uses may burn slightly, but the tingle I had was definitely not worrisome. More of a tickling tingle, than a painful one.
After rinsing with cool water, as instructed, my skin felt firm and refreshed. There was no drying, no itching, no oily residue. Just nice soft skin. My son even had to do a double take when he patted my cheek. Which kind of worries me, since I didn't think my skin was all THAT bad before. lol

I can not say how much I really LOVED the smell of this soap. The card sort of explains why it smelled so delicious. On the back of the card it says:
What does it do?
Shea butter & wild cherry extract are just a relaxing wash away.
How to Use
Use in shower or bath. Lather into hands and clean yourself from head to toe. Rinse thoroughly. Use daily for best results.

(Note to self: Do NOT remove yummy smelling soap from bag, and set in shower until you actually have time to get in to said shower, and use it!)

Next sample that I DID use, was the BFF (Best Face Forever) Exfoliating Daily Facewash.
This has to be the first exfoliater (is that a word?) that I was ever instructed to use only a pea-sized drop, and had that tiny amount actually feel like there was plenty! With peppermint, cucumber, grapefruit, and aloe it goes on smoothly, and feels fantastic! I've used a lot of different scrubs, and some are almost painful in their abrasiveness, this was not the way with BFF. Felt fantastic on my skin, smelled great, and my skin felt very clean getting out of the shower.

With all exfoliating face washes, you need a good moisturizer to follow up with! It's super important. Every cosmetologist I've ever known has told me so. (My mother in-law and sister in-law included) Thankfully Desiree, provided me with a Posh moisturizer to try.
Moisturize 911, is a caffeinated moisturizer. A frist for me. I don't drink anything with caffeine in it, because it makes me sick. But I'll NEVER give up my chocolate. The card for this cream said it would nourish, moisturize, brighten, and tighten.
I found that it left certain zones of my skin a little oily, but I'm pretty sure that's my skin. I do think that when I used it, it helped my under eye baggage to tighten up a little. (And I have a LOT of baggage under there)

I was also gifted a sample of The "It" Girl. It's super thick and creamy, and even though it didn't have a card on it, I was able to check out Desiree's website, and find out it was a hand creme. Super smooth, and did NOT leave my hands greasy. Leaving my hands nice and soft, that's all I can ask from a lotion!

If any of these products have intrigued you, I highly recommend you go check out my friend's website! This company has fantastic standards, beautiful ingredients, and (oh my good golly miss molly) the smells! I LOVE THE SCENT OF THIS STUFF! I'm a big nose person, but that's another tangent. Seriously, go check this site out!