Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mechanized Masterpieces 2: Book 6: Rise of the House of Usher by J R Potter

Today we are going to take a closer look at the man behind 
Book 6: Rise of the House of Usher,
 J.R. Potter! First let me introduce you to him!


J.R. Potter gravitated towards the paranormal world from an early age. Watching the first episode of The X-Files was a transformative experience, and an education in great storytelling and mythmaking.

Since “growing up,” James has devoted his time to finding his voice through writing, publishing short fiction in The Portland Review, and winning two international short story competitions for science fiction and horror. When he's not writing, he tours with his incredible wife Amy as “The Crooked Angels,” an Americana duo specializing in rocking your socks off.

Potter is currently collaborating with artist Klaus “Plaid Klaus” Shmidheiser in the graphic novel series Glimmer Society. His first short story with Xchyler, “Dr. Pax’s Great Unsinkable Bird,” appeared in Terra Mechanica. A full-length novel, Pneumatica: Harbinger of the Skies, is slated for 2015 release.

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While I am an absolute coward when it comes to all things scary, (I've never seen the whole Jurassic Park I movie) I have always had a strange fascination for Edgar Allan Poe's work. The Rise of the House of Usher by J.R. Potter is styled after "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Poe, accept with all kinds of steampunk awesomeness. 
The book starts off with a letter from Maddy to her brother Rodderick, telling him of the craziness that is becoming their father. She also references a "Creature", which is my absolute favorite part of the hook! As soon as she starts describing it, you are totally sucked in. 
I'm scared to tell you more, or else I will give it all away, but… WOW!!! From the hook to the ending, I was constantly guessing, trying to figure out how things would play out next. Potter did a fantastic job of capturing something Poe would be proud to have inspired, and I believe Poe would wish steampunk was thing in his time so that he could have included the awesome technology Potter did, in his book! 
Ok, I really do have to stop or I'll give it all away! 
Go grab your copy NOW!

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