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Review: Swimming With Sharks by Jeanne Lamb-Carlin

 Swimming With Sharks
Allison Taylor Series: Book 3

by Jeanne Lamb-Carlin

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When Ally’s ex-husband Jack Doretta shows up claiming he has been having some money issues that have put a strain on his marriage to second wife Kimberly, and then asks if he can stay with her for a few days while he sorts out his life, Ally reluctantly agrees. And then quickly regrets her decision when it becomes clear Jack’s money and personal issues might be more substantial than he implied.
After some unscrupulous men come to town, and Ally’s life is threatened, all perfectly timed to Jack’s arrival in Spring Hollow, Ally knows she needs to find out the truth. So she calls on best friends, Elizabeth Meade and Larry Jones to help figure out what Jack is hiding and how she is connected to it all.
But as Jack’s past and present collide, Ally starts to discover secrets that make her question everything she thought she knew about her ex. And as she searches for answers, a killer draws closer while a mystery man is intent on keeping Ally alive.

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Author Bio: (From Amazon)

Born in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, Jeanne Lamb-Carlin has spent most of her life in Long Island, New York. When she isn't writing, she could be playing pc games or reading. She loves movies, and looks forward to AMC's Best Picture Showcase every year. She could easily spend hours vegetating on the couch, catching up on episodes of "The Walking Dead" and "The Americans".

Her first job was dispatcher for a small shipping company where she spent way too much time writing bad poetry. She then moved on to public relations and sales for the Empire State Building Observatory where she didn't have as much time to write, but met a lot of interesting people.

She likes to travel, hike, ride very scary roller coasters, bowl, (wish I could find Candlepin bowling in Long Island) drink Pumpkin Ale, (unfortunately just in the Fall), watch hockey, bake, make pierogi, and of course write.

She is the author of three novels in the Allison Taylor Series: THE LIES THAT BIND, WORDS TO DIE BY, and SWIMMING WITH SHARKS. Fourth book in series: SINS OF THE FATHERS coming soon.

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I have not yet read the first book in this series, but after reading Book 2, (Words To Die By) I just had to read this one too. 
All the characters I enjoyed getting know are back in this book, leading with Ally. The book starts off with Ally and the hunk Mark broken up, and if you've loved their relationship as much as I have, it's heartbreaking to see. But with Larry, one of my all time favorite minor characters, shows up, you know everything is going to be all right in the end. This book really gets going when Ally's ex-husband Jack shows up claiming financial issues, and asking for a place to stay for a little while. Soon some shady characters show up, and while there is definitely someone protecting Ally, there is for sure someone trying to kill her. The only ones Ally can turn to are Elizabeth and Larry, and it isn't long before the three of them are digging into the situation and finding out some rather "interesting" aspects to Jack's past. So much for the smoking hot cop that got away.
There are a lot more characters to this book, but you can totally tell how much the author has grown throughout this series. Since I read the second book before this one, I ended up skimming over the back story repeats, and wish that the author had just made a note that this series is best read in order, rather then include it, but it's a tough call to make for every author.
Other then the backstory parts, I found the story quick paced, intriguing, and with a fabulous sprinkle of humor necessary for such an intense plot.

I give this book 4 STARS!!!