Saturday, November 22, 2014

Book Tour: Ginnie West Adventures: Book 2: Trouble Blows West by Monique Bucheger

Book Blurb:

Putting her body in motion before her brain is in gear creates a mountain of problems for 12 year-old Ginnie West. She is certain that defending her twin brother, Toran, from the biggest bully in sixth grade was the right thing to do. But Ginnie couldn’t be more wrong.

She quickly figures out that Toran doesn’t appreciate being rescued by a girl any better than Pierce likes being knocked down by one. When Pierce seeks revenge on Ginnie, Toran sets aside his anger and helps her plot a playback prank at Pierce’s house.

Sadly, Ginnie learns that Pierce has a reason for being a bully when she sees his dad drop him to the floor like a ragdoll with one awful blow to the chest. Realizing he's a boy in big trouble, Ginnie switches gears and decides to be his ally, even if he won’t let her be his friend.

Author Bio: 

 When Monique Bucheger isn't writing, you can find her playing taxi driver to one more more of her children, plotting her next novel, scrapbookng, or being the "Mamarazzi" at any number of child-oriented events. Even though she realizes there will never be enough hours in any given day, Monique tries very hard to enjoy the journey that is her life.

She shares it with a terrific husband, her dozen children, an adorable granddaughter, a son-in-law, three cats and many real and imaginary friends. She is the author of several book and plans to write many more. 

You can find more about Monique and her works at:!/MoniqueBucheger

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Snippet from Trouble Blows West:

A hush fell over the school cafeteria.
Ginnie West looked up just in time to see trouble brewing in the form of the biggest bully in sixth grade.
Pierce Owens stomped his way toward her twin brother, his face twisted with fury.  “Toran West, you’re toast!”
Swallowing hard, Ginnie knew this day would not end well. She jumped to her feet, her blonde braids thumping her back. “Go away, Pierce!”
Toran pushed his chair away from the rectangular table. “Ginnie, let me handle this.”
“No way!” Ginnie’s whole body tensed as she glared at Pierce. “Toran isn’t going to fight with you.”
 Heads swiveled left and right.
Pierce glowered angrily, his eyes forming slits. “I was right. And you’re going to pay, West!”
Toran stood, shaking his head like an Etch-A-Sketch. “What are you talking about?”
Her twin’s stick-thin frame next to Pierce’s taller and rounder body reminded Ginnie of the number ten, with the ‘0’ being overly round and out of proportion to the ‘1’.
The thought made her giggle.
Pierce shot her a warning glare and then poked his finger in Toran’s chest.
“Hey! Keep your hands to yourself!” Ginnie demanded.
Pierce poked Toran again.
Toran backed up.
Pierce leaned forward. “You cheated and made me look stupid! Pierce Owens doesn’t let nobody make him look stupid.”
“Too late. Nobody has to help you look stupid!” Ginnie said, going around the table to join her brother, heart pounding. “You’re so stupid you think a quarterback is a refund.”
Toran’s eyes widened. Half of their friends laughed. The other half dropped their jaws in stunned horror.
Concern wormed its way into Ginnie’s belly as she realized too late that taking on Pierce wasn’t the smartest thing she’d ever done.
Austin Chandler scrambled to Toran’s other side. “Move back, Pierce!”
Oh, good. Austin has my back. We’ve got this. The Three Musketeers ride again. Ginnie smiled at Austin with more confidence than she felt and then turned back to Pierce. “You heard him, move it.”
Pierce ignored Austin, then scowled at Ginnie. “You’re not part of this!”
“I am now.” Ginnie put herself squarely between Toran and harm’s way. “You mess with my brother … you mess with me.” Pierce towered over her, but that didn’t matter. No one was flattening Toran under her watch.
“Stop!” Toran demanded, grabbing her arm. “I’ve got this.”
She shrugged off her brother’s hand. “Not happening.”
Pierce reached around Ginnie and yanked Toran’s midnight blue polo shirtsleeve.
Ginnie didn’t waste a second. She snatched at Pierce’s hand, then sideswiped her foot behind his, shoving him with her forearm as hard as she could. He hit the floor with a thud.
A warm, happy feeling rushed over her as the room erupted in a mixture of thundering applause and mocking laughter.
Pierce blinked. Confusion colored his face. It was obvious he didn’t expect that attack, and certainly not from a girl.
He scrambled to his feet, growing taller and more menacing.
Ginnie readied for the expected punch, hoping it wouldn’t hurt too much. No way was she gonna let Pierce make her cry.

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