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Book Tour: Cutlass by Ashley Nixon

Book Blurb:

Notorious pirate Barren Reed has one thing on his mind: Revenge against the man who killed his father. So kidnapping his enemy's fiancĂ© seems a perfect plan…until he actually does it.

Larkin Lee is more than a pretty face and fiancé to a powerful man. Her fierce personality is enough to make any pirate want to push her overboard.

But when the King of the Orient comes to Barren with a task—to find the Bloodstone, a powerful gem thought only to exist in legend, Barren sees another opportunity to destroy his enemy. Together, Barren, Larkin and a crew of pirates set off to find the stone, only to discover it caused the death of Barren’s own mother and Larkin’s, too. As his strongest allies turn into his greatest enemies, and the life of the girl he kidnapped becomes more important than he ever dreamed, Barren’s quest for revenge becomes a fight to save the Orient.

Ashley Nixon's Author Bio:

Ashley was born and raised in Oklahoma, where the wind really does sweep down the plains, and horses and carriages aren't used as much as she'd like. She has a Bachelor's in English Writing and a Master's in Library Science and Information Technology. When she's not writing she's either working out or pretending she's Sherlock Holmes. Her obsession with writing began after reading the Lord of the Rings in the eighth grade. Since then, she's loved everything Fantasy--resulting in an unhealthy obsession with the 'geek' tab on Pinterest, where all things awesome go.

Links to social media: 


Links to where book is sold:

I requested that the author pick a cast of actors to play her main characters if her books were to be optioned for the big screen. This is her FANTASTIC reply! I've never gotten anything like this from an author before, and I am so excited to share this with you!!!

"Oh, I love casting. Though, I'll let you know up front, I'm not good with names. The pictures I have below are from other peoples suggestions and Pinterest things I liked.

Name: Barren Hawthorn Reed
Occupation: Pirate
Relationships: Brother of William Reed, son of Jess Reed
Physical Description: Brown eyes, blonde hair about shoulder length, square jaw & scruff. Scars and an 'X' tattoo over his heart.

This guy!
I don't know his name, I'm guessing he's just a model, but someone found him during my Cutlass party and I thought he was a pretty good Barren! 

(P.S. I, the Semi Short Chic, am that participant that shared this hot dude during her Cutlass party! Can you say "EEEEKKKK!!!"? I knew she liked it, but I didn't know she liked this guy that much!)

Then there's this guy:

Alex Pettyfer! Probably only in this pose, but he's a pretty good Barren...he needs more scruff, and more scars.

Name: Larkin Alise Lee
Occupation: Make Barren's job difficult ;)
Relationships: Daughter of Lord Christopher Lee, fiancee to William Reed
Physical Description: Almond shaped, green eyes, dark hair, heart-shaped face & fierce.

This is pretty hilarious, because the girl on the cover of my book is actually the perfect Larkin in my eyes. Here she is:

Then there's this girl. I forget her name, but my friend imagines her as Larkin:

And for fun, I like the fierceness of this lady and her awesome clothes! 

Name: Cove Beckett Rowell
Occupation: Ambassador of Arcarum
Relationships: Best friend to Barren Reed
Physical Description: Dark eyes, dark hair, shoulder length, willowy frame.

Cove Rowell has only ever been one person in my mind:
Ben Barnes! There's no need to explain, so here are the pics:

Name: William Reed
Occupation: Ambassador or Maris
Relationships: Brother of Barren Reed, son of Jess Reed, finance to Larkin Lee
Physical Description: Brown eyes, short, light brown hair, severe features.

I've always seen William Reed favoring Rupert Friend for some reason:

For some fun, here are some cartoon sketches my friend, Brittiny Hines, drew:

Barren Concept Sketch:

Larkin Concept Sketch:

Cove Concept Sketch:

I'm still in search of someone who could play my beloved Prince Leaf Tinavin, but I have not located the perfect photo yet! I hope you enjoyed my cast, and extra sketches! If anyone has other suggestions for possible characters, I'd love to hear them! :)"

AMAZING!?!? Right? 
What say you? 
Any other suggestions for the fabulous Ashley Nixon?


THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!!! I've seen that on some of the reviews they accused the book of being slow in the beginning, but I disagree. From the first second you are pulled into another world, immersed in a place I've never read of before.  The characters immediately had me trying to figure them out, in a good way. I love the level of cruelty that Ashley gave Barren. In the end he still ends up being that knight in shiny armor but he is far from perfect, and it's very refreshing. I honestly could not have imagined a better ending, though I couldn't have predicted this one either. I won't spoil it for you, but if you like pirates, a touch of magic, a super strong female MC, and a whole cast that isn't afraid to fight for what they want (right or wrong) this is the book for you! Hope it gets made into a movie someday, because I really want my non-reader husband and family to experience the awesomeness of this tale! Can't wait for the next one!!!

5 Stars! 

(But honestly, I think the skulls are much more appropriate with the pirate theme, right?)

*Updated 5/16/2015*

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Cover Reveal: Gabriel's Daughters by Janet Jensen

Author Janet Jensen

and her soon to be release, latest book Gabriel's Daughters!!!!

First up, a little about this amazing author.

Janet Jensen leads a quiet life in a college town nestled in the foothills of the northern edge of the Wasatch Mountains. She and her husband Miles, an attorney, met as members of Utah State University’s Intercollegiate Debate Team and are parents of three grown sons: a soccer enthusiast/physician in Salt Lake City, Utah; an exercise physiologist/football coach/graduate student in Jyvaskyla, Finland; and a skydiver/embedded systems engineer in Berkeley, California. The Jensens have happily become grandparents of four.
Janet is co-author of a literature-based cookbook, The Book Lover’s Cookbook: Recipes Inspired by Great Works of Literature and the Passages that Feature Them (Wenger & Jensen, Ballantine, 2003), and an award-winning novel, Don’t You Marry the Mormon Boys (Bonneville Books, 2007), which won a gold medal for Cultural Fiction in the Readers Favorite  International Book Awards Contest.
Her work also appears in Parables for Today (Cedar Fort, 2012) and Gruff Variations (Writing for Charity, 2012). Baking Day, a personal essay, placed second in the 2011 national essay/memoir contest sponsored by The Writer Magazine and Gotham Writers Workshops.
Janet holds degrees in Speech-Language Pathology from Utah State University and Northwestern University and worked in educational settings for more than twenty years.

A retired soccer mom, Cub Scout leader and PTA president, she is a now a full-time writer and a literacy tutor who feels genuine panic when she is stranded without something to read. Janet welcomes correspondence with readers. She can be reached at and on Facebook at She maintains a website at her website at, and an author page at GoodReads. She tweets as JanetKJensen and blogs at

here is what this fabulous book is all about!

An impressive work of literary fiction that accurately explores the struggles of being raised in a polygamous community. Jensen’s novel explores the unique strengths and weaknesses of the bonds in a polygamous family.

Gabriel's Daughters wrestles with issues of polygamy, homosexuality, and modernity through the lives of the large, loving, and polygamous Martin family. The story is told primarily through the eyes of Zina Martin, a young girl who, upon discovering she is impregnated by her "sterile" teacher—and will soon be married off to a man three times her age— escapes the enclosed polygamous town of Gabriel's Landing, Utah.

Zina then embarks on a journey full of self-discovery, yet she can never completely escape the longing she has for her family and even the controversial and outdated lifestyle she once lived. Through both tears and triumph, Jensen has crafted a moving story that not only acts as insightful social commentary but also prompts readers to reevaluate their lives.

Think you are ready to see the awesomeness that is going to grace the front 
of this exciting new book!?!?

Well, we won't keep you in suspense an longer!


Amazing, right!?! Pre-order your copy right now!
Book will release January 20, 2015


Don't forget to go check out all the other awesome blogs that are joining us for this big reveal!

Blog Blitz: A Path to Publishing (PlotWriMo: Revise Your Novel in a Month)

I am excited to host 2 amazing ladies on my blog today, along with the fabulous program they have put together to help authors get their books published and to learn how to revise their own novels in a manner that will make manuscripts shine!!! 
As a writer myself, I've discovered it's not quite as easy as I had originally thought.

First let me introduce you to this program!


We offer writers two video series with more in production:

1) PlotWriMo: Revise Your Novel in a Month

8 videos, 5.5 hours + 3- hands-on exercises

Congratulations! You have written a draft of a novel. You’ve accomplished what many
writers merely talk about and dream of doing – you have written an entire story from
beginning to end. When you finish celebrating, it is time to revise: to re-envision and
rewrite what you’ve written into a novel that agents, editors and readers will devour.
Writing a great plot involves craft and skill and know-how. Before you undertake a major
rewrite, first consider your story from all angles with the help of step-by-step instruction
and daily exercises. You know you’re ready to rewrite when you’ve checked all the
essentials elements for creating an exciting story with compelling characters and a
meaningful plot.


2) How to Write and Sell a Picture Book with a Plot

7 videos explain how to plot, write and sell picture books + provide exercises how to
immediately integrate the concepts into your own unique story. Learn about all the
different kinds of picture books, examples of character-driven and action-driven picture
books, how to develop winning picture book concepts, what are the major turning points
in every great picture book with a plot, writing, voice, character goals and motivation,
how to revise, testing your theme and take-away, who to submit to and so much more…

Here’s How the Video Series Work

Each video includes an in-depth look at the specific elements promised and how to
consider these essential story principles as you write, revise, rewrite, sell your story.
Writing assignment(s) guide you with step-by-step instruction.
Whether you decide to watch all the videos in a row and then go back and do the
exercises or jump right in to the 1st video’s exercise, work at your own pace and take
more or less time on the step-by-step exercises. The series are designed to fit into even
the busiest of schedules. Sign-in and watch video lectures, complete homework
assignments, and ask questions in a public forum on a timetable that fits your needs.

Shout Outs:

**The 1st draft you let yourself write any old way. Now revise your story from every angle

**Can't seem to #finish your #novel? Ready to give up? Before you do, revise!

**I’m finding the revision process FUN! Did I actually say that? Loving this process, thank you!

**Friends don't let friends ‪#revise alone

Now introducing Jill and Martha !!!

Jill Corcoran bio

Jill Corcoran is the founder of Jill Corcoran Literary Agency and co-founder of A Path A Publishing



Martha Alderson bio

Martha Alderson, author of The Plot Whisperer: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master, is known as “The Plot Whisperer” for the help she offers writers worldwide. She is the founder of PlotWriMo: Revise Your Novel in a Month and the award-winning blog The Plot Whisperer

These ladies not only brought us these amazing author tools, but also offer another service with 2 levels of Participation (Participants and Observers):

Office Hours
2nd Thursday of every month
9:30-11:30am Pacific

Active Participants and Observers

ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS: 8 authors each have 15 minutes to work with The Plot
Whisperer Martha Alderson and Literary Agent Jill Corcoran on whatever you want help
with. Read part of your manuscript, query, discuss energetic markers, concept, brainstorm
plot, characters, etc and receive feedback you can immediately apply to your work.
Active participants must watch either Plotwrimo: Revise Your Novel in a Month or How
to Write & Sell a Picture Book Videos. This gives us a common language and baseline
understanding of underlying plot and story concepts for better communication.
Receive a critique of your First Pages, Query, Concept, or get help with your Characters,
Where to Start your Story, Crisis, Climax, etc. It is your time...your choice

***OBSERVERS: 15 observer spots. As an observer, you do not participate/read your
work, but listen and learn from others during these sessions.


Reviews of the series:

"The amount of time, heartache, frustration, and hell that these videos are saving me from
is immeasurable."

"Don't wait until you have a first draft to get the video series. If you have an inkling of a
concept, get the video series. The videos will show you how to define your energetic
markers. You'll learn the difference between crisis and climax. The 8 videos constitute a
'top to toe' writing course. 
Jill Corcoran & Martha Alderson, thank you for giving me
the opportunity to call myself a writer with pride." Dolly D Napal

"I have been writing, writing, writing, and reading about writing, but I knew I was still
missing the mark. How I write and rewrite books will be forever changed for the better. "
Wendy McLeon MacKnight

"I felt overwhelmed with my latest revision. I feel like a weight has been lifted and I'm
just on day one."

Last, but not least, these ladies offer a fantastic workshop to help people actively learn from the

A Path to Publishing Workshops:

We often tailor-make an advanced workshop for writers who have watched the series to
ask questions and receive feedback on your own individual story.
A Path to Publishing Facebook Group

Everyone is welcome to join A Path to Publishing Facebook group created by Literary
Agent Jill Corcoran and Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson as safe, smart, fun alcove for
writers and illustrators to share and learn about the craft of writing and the book biz. This
is NOT a place to sell your books but a wonderful forum for us all to advance our skills,
our creativity, and our dreams plus learn about what Jill and Martha are up to at A PATH

Be sure to follow along and see what others are saying about these services and how they have helped them! 
Read individual reviews and more information about how this video series can help you!

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