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My Mini-Autobiography

Since the moment my mother handed me a Hooked on Phonics set, I have been addicted to reading. Writing on the other hand came much later. At the age of eight I received my first journal. It was adorable with Esmeralda from the Hunch Back of Notre Dam dancing on the cover. My first entries were breath taking in their depth, and consisted mostly of what my little brother had done to me that day.

I continued to stay addicted to reading, and was placed in advanced reading classes through elementary school where I was constantly in trouble for reading a head of the class. In fifth grade my teacher became so frustrated with my in ability to read WITH the class that she threw an chalk board eraser at me. In high school I discovered a deep loathing for book reports, and while I read more than what was required of reading list, I almost failed English several times because of my pure unadulterated loathing for writing assignments. 

After graduation High school with an Advanced Regents Diploma, where I scored in the ninety percentile for English, but still barely passed my actual English class, I took English 101 and 102 at a community college and then quit school in order to work and help my husband achieve his degree. 
A year after the birth of our son, I decided to try my hand at writing and the breath taking novel, The Drowning of a Short Chic was brought into the light. It still remains in its first draft state of massive plot holes, and huge character flaws, and possibly might until the end of time. After finishing that, I was inspired by a poster published by Deseret Book, about Women of the Wilderness, and decided the Prophet Nephi's wife needed her story told, and thus the birth of Destined.
My first novel, Destined, was submitted to publishers August 2014 and it has been met with rave reviews from my mother and all of my beta readers I have not yet heard back from the publishers that I submitted too. Encouraged by their unbiased support, I have way more books in the works then I should. In May 2015 I published by first ever book, Drowning Sandy, as part of a compilation of summer themed stories in 'Summer Hearts'. I've got several other fun little stories in the works, but currently I'm focusing on a book that is not quite a sequel, but more a sister book to Drowning Sandy, tentatively titled Fighting Shelly, as well as still working on edits for Destined.

I've been a member of ANWA (American Night Writers Association) since January of 2012, and owe all of my growth as a writer, and a ton of my motivation and progress to my sisters in ANWA. I'm fairly certain I would have given up long ago with out them. 
I currently hold the position of Co-chair of ANWA Conference Director for the Time Out for Writer's Conference 2016.

With work and a good bit of luck, this will prove just the beginning.

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