Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Summer Blitz: Ascenion by C. Michelle Jefferies

C. Michelle Jefferies is a writer who believes that the way to examine our souls is to explore the deep and dark as well as the shallow. To manipulate words in a way that makes a person think and maybe even second guess. Her worlds include suspense, urban fantasy, and an occasional twist of steampunk. When she is not writing, she can be found on the yoga mat, hand binding journals, dyeing cloth, and serving ginger tea. The author and creator divides her time between stories, projects, and mothering four of her seven children on the wild and windy plains of Wyoming.

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Living an unassuming life as a teacher for the Academy, th
e former assassin, Antony Danic, turned Speaker for the Devoted, would love to let the past stay there. However, as hard as he tries, his new identity, Noble Standing, can’t escape who Antony was. The widower, turned self-avowed bachelor doesn’t mean to fall for the red-headed sword instructor, Lyris Jaimes. Noble insists he’s better off single, but he is drawn to her in spite of his memories of Elite. Noble finds that courting her, however, isn’t easy. His interest in Lyris sets into motion a rivalry between him and a dangerous sociopath who wants her for himself. 
Regardless of the vow he made to never shed human blood again, Noble must reconcile his past with his present, and use his assassin skills and knowledge to keep himself and those he loves alive.

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Top Ten List:

1, I am 1/4 French Basque, (think Esmeralda in Hunchback of Notre Dame) 
2, I love the color turquoise blue, I painted my kitchen table black and blue. 
3, I am a red belt in Tang Soo Do and tested for my red belt when I was 8 months pregnant with my youngest. Including a double back round house kick to break a board. 
4, I have a classroom and a yoga studio in my basement.  
5, I love glassware, and collect it, I have depression glass, vintage Pyrex, English teapots, Japanese tea pots as well as saki sets, and unique serving dishes. 
6, I am a (sort of retired) breastfeeding counselor. 
7, I am a creator, I hand bind books, make soap and lotion, dye fabric, hand stretched frame drums, and make jewelry.
8, I have seven kids and one grandchild.
9, I am obsessed with anything Australian or Japanese.

10, I collect rocks and crystals, rusty metal, and feathers.

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Summer Blitz: Sweet Water by Laurie Lewis

Laurie (L.C.) Lewis will always be a Marylander at heart—a weather-whining lover of crabs, American history, and the sea. She admits to being craft-challenged, particularly lethal with a glue gun, and a devotee of sappy movies. 

Her ninth published novel, her first romance novella, Sweet Water, was inspired by a visit to Oregon’s magnificent coastline, and time spent with Mother Eugenie, upon whom the character Mother Thomasine is based. 

Laurie’s women’s fiction novels include The Dragons of Alsace Farm (2016), Awakening Avery (2010), and Unspoken (2004), written as Laurie Lewis. Using the pen name L.C. Lewis, she wrote the five volumes of her award-winning FREE MEN and DREAMERS historical fiction series, set against the backdrop of the War of 1812: Dark Sky at Dawn (2007), Twilight’s Last Gleaming (2008), Dawn’s Early Light (2009), Oh, Say Can You See? (2010), and In God is Our Trust, (2011).

She is currently completing a political suspense novel planned for a summer 2017 release, a re -release of a romantic comedy, and she’s working on another historical fiction novel for a 2018 release. She loves to hear from readers.

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Love and money don’t mix when three college friends launch a fledgling business, and two impulsively elope. When Hudson Bauer hears the wedding news he leaves town, stealing the company's first big contract and Olivia and Jeff's dreams.

Olivia McAllister has spent eight years blaming Hudson for all her losses, including her anemic marriage to Jeff and a recent, tragic accident that leaves her body battered and her dreams of a family shattered.

Widowed, and in desperate straits, she is forced to accept Hudson’s offer to recuperate at his parents’ empty house on Oregon’s Cannon Beach, but her return to the place where the three friends once summered casts new light on her hasty marriage and on the enemy she once called friend.

When Hudson offers Olivia a job doing humanitarian work, something hopeful and familiar awakens in Olivia, giving rise to long-denied feelings for Hudson. Stuck between grief and the promise of new love, Olivia must make peace with her confusing past, and forgive the man she once hated, before Hudson walks away again, closing the door on their possibilities forever.

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Hudson untied the bedroll and several items fell onto the sand. Another good snap, and the blanket spread across the cave’s entrance. Hudson lowered her gently to the soft fabric. 

Relief filled her, and she leaned back and nestled into the soft sand. Her sigh brought the hint of a smile to Hudson’s beard-framed lips. It was short-lived. His face slackened as his dark, penetrating eyes fixed on her. His breathing seemed to stop, as did hers. Heat rose deep within her torso, spreading like fire through her face and neck from the intensity of his stare. A sheen of sweat broke out on her skin, and yet she shivered. She touched her face, expecting to feel the fire radiating there, but the motion seemed to break the moment. Without a word, Hudson took her empty water bottle and left, leaving her shaky and confused. 

As he departed, she shifted to watch him pick his way through the primitive beauty of the area, around scrub brush, through the teeming tidal pools, to a glorious waterfall spilling from the rock wall.

Robinson Crusoe-esque with his rumpled clothes, his beard, and wild mop of tangled hair, Olivia was unable to tear her eyes from him. Gone was the shyness and gangly motions of his youth. The business titan who could buy or sell his own barrier reef or string of creature-filled islands now moved with confidence and care, as protective of a single mollusk or anemone as he had been as a beachcombing science student a decade ago. She wondered what made him that way. Clearly, the young man who had been everything to her back then was an even more splendid person now.

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Book Tour: Code Name Scorpion by Donna Gustainis Fuller

When Trevor Willis offers Dani Carpenter her dream job as director of a new camp for children, she is thrilled. Dani intends to keep Trevor, a family friend, at arm’s length. But her heart changes toward him as they team up to protect Ady, the young daughter of a kidnapped scientist. 

After Trevor testifies against the son of Don Francisco Morales, a major supplier of heroin into the United States, Morales (aka the Scorpion) targets Trevor in a personal vendetta to destroy his reputation and then destroy everyone Trevor loves. 

With Ady tucked away in a secure location, Dani and Trevor embark on a chase that takes them from the forests of the Pacific Northwest to the jungles of Mexico. They must stop the Scorpion before he strikes again.

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Born in Illinois, Donna Fuller has lived in a variety of places and currently resides in Butler, Pennsylvania. At times she feels like a ping pong ball—bouncing from coast to coast and back again. Her grandchildren bring her the greatest joy. She has always been involved in writing, from journals to plays for Cub Scouts, to short stories for her children and as a reporter for a small newspaper. Donna has won awards for her writing and has also taught in writing workshops and retreats. She is the co-founder of the annual OHPA Writer’s Retreat in Western Pennsylvania. Her novels include A Strand of Doubt and CodeName Scorpion.

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            “I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to elude the authorities,” Trevor said quietly into his cell phone. He stared out the curtain of the hotel room. The green glow of the Vacancy sign flashed on his skin. “We had a close call this morning in Newberg.”
            “How’s Dani holding up?” Don asked over the airwaves.
            Through the door to the adjoining room, Trevor glanced at her still form on the bed. “She’s sleeping now. I don’t know why she believes in me, but I’m grateful she does.”

Character Casting:
Dani Carpenter: 22 years old; dark brown hair and eyes; straight, shoulder-length hair. 5’ 5”. She is spunky, a little bit sassy, her impulsiveness gets her into trouble at times and she’s fiercely loyal. Trevor offers her a dream job. She is determined to keep things all business with Trevor—we’ll see how that works out = )

Actress to play Dani:  Jessica Alba
                          Melissa Benoist (when she was dark haired)

Trevor Willis:  31 years old; black hair, green eyes; always immaculately groomed; 6’2”. He is sure of himself and has been accused of arrogance, but he has a good heart. He owns a business, and as a former agent, he moonlights with the FBI when they need his expertise. He is determined to change Dani’s mind about keeping things at an arm’s length.

Actor to play Trevor:  A young James Brolin
                                    Karl Urban

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Book Blitz: A Killer Retreat by Tracy Weber

Tracy Weber is the author of the award-winning Downward Dog Mysteries series featuring yoga teacher Kate Davidson and her feisty German shepherd, Bella. Her first book, Murder Strikes a Pose won the Maxwell Award for Fiction and was 2015 Agatha award nominee for Best First Novel. The third book in her series, Karma's a Killer, will released January, 2016 by Midnight Ink.

Tracy and her husband live in Seattle with their challenging yet amazing German shepherd Tasha. When she’s not writing, Tracy spends her time teaching yoga, walking Tasha, and sipping Blackthorn cider at her favorite ale house. 

Connect with the Author here: 

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Yogi Kate must clear her name of murder in this charming yoga mystery

When Kate Davidson gets an offer to teach yoga classes to wedding guests at the
Elysian Springs resort, she jumps at the opportunity, even though it means being forced to endure the wedding ceremony of the center's two caretakers.

Avoiding the M-word turns out to be the least of Kate's problems when a wedding guest is found floating face-down in the resort's hot tub, shortly after a loud, public
(and somewhat embarrassing) fight with Kate.

The police pick Kate as their number-one suspect, so she's forced to team up with boyfriend Michael, best friend Rene, and German shepherd sidekick Bella to find the real killer. But they'll have to solve the murder before the police arrest Kate, or her next gig may last a lifetime--behind bars."

Top Ten List:

o   Top 10 vacation spots

§  Cannon Beach, OR—site of my 5th book!
§  Doe Bay, Orcas Island, WA –site of my 2nd book!
§  Whidbey Island, WA
§  Paia, Maui —Where I took yoga training
§  Cancun, Mexico
§  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Do you see the beach theme?)
§  Assisi, Italy
§  San Diego, CA – my honeymoon spot!
§  Africa (someday!)

§  Home on the couch with my pup and a Margarita

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Summer Blitz: Water So Deep by Nichole Giles

Nichole Giles, the author of The DESCENDANT series, and The WATER SO DEEP series, has lived in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Texas. She is a fan of all things paranormal and magical, and her dreams include owning a garden full of fairies, riding a unicorn, and taming the pet dragon she adopted at a recent local ComiCon. She loves to spend time with her family, travel to tropical and exotic destinations, drive in the rain with the convertible top down, and play music at full volume so she can sing along.

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Seventeen-year-old Emma Harris is drowning on dry land.

No one knows what’s happening to her, and she’d like to keep her evolution from human to mermaid a secret, but the truth is getting harder and harder to hide. From her adoptive family, from her friends, and especially from the irresistible James Phelps.

Her time in the ocean is spent dodging a possessive merman, while her time on land is split between caring for her special-needs brother and squeezing in every last possible moment of human life. She soon realizes falling for James is unavoidable when he constantly comes to Emma’s rescue and somehow manages to see through her carefully constructed icy facade to the vulnerability she lives with every day. Everything about James makes Emma yearn for a life on land she just can't have.

When Emma’s brother disappears on her watch, James is the only person she trusts to help her save him. But even if they can save her brother, nothing can prevent her return to the sea. Whether she likes it or not, Emma is changing—unable to breathe without yielding to the tide—and it's only a matter of time before she's forced to surrender forever.


A flash of lightning rent the sky, illuminating her secret alcove long enough for her to see Merrick step from the recessed shadows near the cave wall. His sudden appearance—in addition to his complete lack of clothes—startled a scream out of her.

“What do you want?” She averted her eyes, heart racing as she forced herself not to look. Why was he here and how long had he been watching her? She retrieved her towel, desperate to wrap up—hide herself—as she dried her now skin-soft legs, emotions swirling. Was he the reason sick fear curled in her stomach?

The merman seemed oblivious to Emma’s disjointed emotional state. “Fifteen moon cycles left.”

Emma squeezed her eyes shut, swallowing a knot of pain. “How could I possibly forget? I already struggle to breathe on land sometimes.”

He stepped toward her. “Tangaroa has given you to me for a mate. We will join upon your permanent return.”

His words sent a chill up Emma’s spine. It had nothing to do with the storm raging around them, and everything to do with the one swirling inside her. She’d suddenly become betrothed without ever having visited the place she was supposed to be living within the next year.  “Mate? He has given me to you? But you’re way older than me.”

“Age has little to do with the will of the Sea King.” He waved a dismissive hand, walking nearer.

Everything about Merrick’s world seemed foreign, unreal. Though she’d known about Atlantis for a while, understood she would physically have no choice but to live there someday, she despised its very existence, dreaded with blind terror a future she couldn’t even picture. “I don’t belong in Atlantis, Merrick. Oceanside has been my home for sixteen years. My family is here, and my friends. I have a life. I don’t want to leave.”

She thought of Tom, and wondered if she would miss him the same way she’d miss the sunshine, driving her car, Gram, her mother, father and Keith. Somehow, she doubted it.

A wrinkle formed between Merrick’s brows. “But you must. Once your gills develop, you will need the sea water to survive. You cannot change the natural progression of life. ”

Under the cover of her towel, Emma wiggled into her jeans and tank top. “Natural progression or not, I was meant to be human. Why else did the Sea King—or my parents or whoever made the freak decision—leave me ashore in the first place?”

“We cannot care for a human-ish youngling ashore, and you cannot survive the sea until your gills have fully developed.” His green eyes caught hers, held, and the harsh honesty in them made Emma pause in the act of pulling a hooded sweatshirt over her head. “There is no way around it,” he said. “You waste energy in empty wishing. Tangaroa’s word is law.”

“Not my law.” Emma crammed the towel into her bag and slid her feet into flip-flops, then pushed past Merrick. “I don’t want a mate. Tell the Sea King I turned you down.”

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